Welcome to A Refuge

Welcome to A Refuge

The Sizes of Trauma

The Sizes of Trauma By Tierra Leonard “Trauma” is a weighty word that carries with it images of major accidents, assaults, wars, and mayhem. And while these things can certainly cause trauma symptoms in those who experience them, I want you to know that “trauma” and the experience of post-traumatic stress are not only caused by experiences as catastrophic as...[ read more ]


Have you ever had one of those experiences where you’re talking about something with someone and suddenly your wires get crossed in communication? The moment that I’m referring to is when we think one thing is happening, when in reality, something altogether different is occurring. This can be a confusing moment because it can evoke something deeply unconscious in us...[ read more ]

Emotional Freedom Technique

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions. Put simply, meridian points are certain points that can be mapped throughout the body. Energy circulates through your body along this specific network of channels. You can tap into this energy at any point along the system....[ read more ]

Exposure Therapy

Facing your biggest fears is something no one wants to step into. Picture this, you go see a therapist to figure out how to manage your irrational fear of dogs. They suggest facing your fear through exposure therapy. Now this might seem extreme, why would you ever want to come face to face with the one thing that makes you...[ read more ]


Disruption By Jacqui Nelson “I feel off” … “I can’t keep it all together”… “I can’t get myself grounded”… “When will this end?”… “I feel like I can’t land anywhere”… Every clientThese are questions and comments I’ve had and heard has expressed these feelings as it relates toabout disruption. Who knew that a global pandemic would arise in the first...[ read more ]

How To Get Started in Therapy

How To Get Started in Therapy By Jacqui Nelson Many people have expressed difficulty in knowing how to begin the therapy process. First, it is a difficult and brave decision to begin the work of therapy, and I applaud you for taking the risk to engage yourself in new ways. Secondly, I hope to answer some questions about where to...[ read more ]

Art Therapy

How is Art Therapy is beneficial to your overall mental health? Do you ever feel as though you don't quite have the words for what you are feeling? Or that there are words, thoughts, feelings that just don't translate the way you need them to? Or maybe you are so overwhelmed by by an experience you just can't put words...[ read more ]

Black Lives Matter

Dear Fellow White People, Today I attempted to do dip-pen calligraphy for the very first time. I wanted to write ‘Black Lives Matter’ in beautiful scrolling font, but as it turns out, calligraphy is quite hard- it takes practice to turn out something halfway decent. I thought I'd just wait to post something until I'd had enough practice. But then...[ read more ]

Laughter Therapy

“In this world, a good time to laugh is any time you can.” - Linda Ellerbee Laughter: Is it really the best Medicine? Laughter releases three major feelings; anxiety, anger and boredom. When laughter is triggered appropriately with a therapist it can enable a person to resolve issues rapidly and effectively. Laughter can be physically therapeutic as it helps people...[ read more ]


What do you think about when you think of ‘community’? I would imagine that family, friends, or the neighborhood you live in may come to mind. Perhaps it extends further to your favorite coffee shop where you know and chat with the baristas and the local folks who go there at the same time. It could include your educational community,...[ read more ]

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