Carlee Ragsdale-Adolfae

Carlee Ragsdale-Adolfae


MSW Intern, Certified Counselor, CL61346351 

Get to know me: 

I am a Certified Counselor in the State of Washington. I hold a Master of Education in International Counseling from Lehigh University, and am currently working on completing my Master of Social Work (MSW) through Eastern Washington University. Prior to pursuing training in clinical social work, I worked as a school counselor in Qatar, Singapore and Madagascar. Intercultural understanding and respect lie at the heart of my belief system, and I strive to create a welcoming and inclusive therapeutic environment. I believe in the healing powers of play, art and nature. In my time outside of Trauma Informed Therapies I love to garden and connect with nature, and I care for a large flock of chickens. 


What struggles am I most skilled at addressing as a mental health professional? 

  • Adjustment Issues 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Emotional Regulation 
  • Self-Esteem  
  • Stress
  • Third Culture Kids/Repatriation  

What populations do I work with? 

Carlee works with children (ages 4-12), adolescents (ages 13-19) and their families. 

What is my approach to healing? 

I am a prescriptive play therapist, specializing in work with children and adolescents.  I believe that all people have an inner template for healing, and so my approach to therapy is often non-directive. I strive to meet the client where they are, and tailor interventions to fit individual needs.  I work under the unifying theory of Child Centered Play Therapy, but draw from several other theories and modalities to meet the needs of clients including Polyvagal Theory, Jungian Sandplay, Family Systems Theory, DBT and REBT. In working with children, adolescents and families, I always maintain a developmental perspective and expect high parental/caregiver involvement as creating positive change for youth requires a collaborative approach.