Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff

Welcome to Trauma Informed Therapies. We are so excited that you have arrived at our Clinical Staff page.

We are a community of diverse therapists who are here for YOU. As trauma-informed counselors our wish is to invite you to explore and engage your story in a safe and caring space. We do not come as experts with the goal of fixing you, but as witnesses who are invited to journey with you.

Healing takes time. As therapists, it is our shared belief that by entering into this sacred therapeutic relationship, one finds healing. We are harmed in relationships, and we heal in relationship with another. The caring attunement of a good clinician can offer healing; healing that we hope you find here with us.

We encourage you to get to know each one of us, so that you might understand more about our unique specialties, the client populations we serve, and the ways that we work. Click on our pictures or names below to learn more about us and the services we can offer to you.

Hannah Boyd,